Investment opportunities in agriculture and conversion industries

Establishment of Saanen Goat Breeding Unit view
Establishment of Soil Greenhouse Complex view
Establishment of Fish Farming (pisciculture) in Cage Behind Aras Dam view
Establishment of Rapeseed (Canola) Oil Extraction Unit view
drupe sorting and packing industrial unit construction view
Dairy Cow Breeding view
Production of Herbal Essential Oils view
Production of Alpha Cellulose from Agricultural Wastes view
Production of Plant Distillates (Hydrosols) view
Hydroponic Greenhouse Complex view
Construction of a greenhouse town view
Construction of Ghezel sheep breeding and breeding unit view
Seasoning and seasoning view
Packs of cereals and grains view
Saffron packaging view
Meat packaging (red and white) view
Agricultural export terminal view
Producing all kinds of fruit concentrates, fruit puree and fruit juice from fresh fruit view
Production of pectin from agricultural waste view
Production of fruit and dried fruit chips view
Production of pulp from agricultural waste view
Tomato Production view
Production of compost fertilizer view
Producing and packaging of honey products view
Sturgeon breeding scheme view
Processing and packaging of fish and shrimp view
Sugar beet pulp processing view
Nutrition processing and packaging view
Processing and packaging of medicinal plants view
Animal husbandry slaughterhouse view
Reproduction and rearing of cold water in the complex of Agh chay view
Integrated Fish Container Container 400 Ton view
Complex of Reproduction and Cultivation of Cold Water of Soraya Springs view
Convertible Conversion Industries Complex view
Fruit unit and packaging view